Accounts 2 Checkbook Recenzje App


Most useful app I have. Great for bill payment planning for those of us on a fixed income.

IPhone X

It would be nice when I hide my reconciliation entries that the balances would not reflect the overall balance.

MacBook Crashed Going iPad only

My MacBook crashed and with it went my Quicken. I have been thinking about going to an iPad Pro as my main computer and an iPhone. My biggest concern was finding a finance app I could use for my small business to replace Quicken. I wanted something simple. I went to the App Store and loaded several of the finance apps. This one was by far the easiest and most intuitive to set up and start entering transactions. These guys have nailed the simple yet powerful mix that I love and the reason why people want iPads and iPhones and not computers. Job well done! Please keep it simple and productive!

Best App to Control expenses

Fourth someone who has never been able to balance the checkbook, this is the best app out there to keep control of expenses and save money!

Great, a suggestion...

This is the most useful app to keep track of your personal -or small business- finances. I would love to see one improvement: I think it would be very useful if the "outstanding transactions" showed outstanding credits and outstanding debits separated instead of the net total.

Most used app on my phone

It’s so easy to track my income and expenses with this app and reconcile my checkbook. I also use it for budgeting purposes since I can easily see what expenses I have coming up. I’ve tried other variations of apps but have used this one for several years now. It’s awesome!

Good budgeting tool

This is the first time I have used this app even though i downloaded months ago. I find it is easy to enter receipts and track budget.

Great checking book app

Great app, easy to use and learn. Let’s you keep track of expenses. One suggestion is I wish they would add the option to customize the categories or be able to add your own category.

Love it!!

I really like this app. I’ve been using it for almost two years and it’s all I need to keep my bank accounts straight. And it’s easy to look something up if I need to look back. The only change I would like to see is that I have two different checking accounts. It automatically puts in the check number but doesn’t keep it to the account I’m in, so it’s often the next number of the other checking account and I have to manually fix it. Overall-highly recommend.

Great Program

I Love this program, but it is missing a feature which I desperately need! I have accounts 2. I have been using it for a few months now, and it is the best replacement for my Quicken I have found. I refuse to pay a monthly fee for Quicken, and do not like the way it is set up, and not wanting to go online with my finances either, so your program is a life saver. However....... I can’t use the reoccurring feature, which makes a lot of hard work for me each month. The reason I can’t use it is because there is no feature which allows me to tell it to enter transactions “now” so I can then see the entire month in my register on the 1st of every month. Having all reoccurring transactions in the register shows me my balance all during the month, and helps me know how much extra we have after monthly obligations are met, and allow me to make adjustments in how much I pay each month on each account. Quicken has this feature. As of now, I am entering all 29 reoccurring transactions by hand on the first of each month 🙄😅 and it is driving me crazy 😜. To make matters worse, I am doing it on my iPad. Can you see this as a feature you would perhaps add in the near future?

Great App

can we please get split screen capabilities for the iPad version. It would be great to open our account in safari and Accounts2 side by side to really balance everything. Other than that it's an awesome app!

Accounts 2 Checkbook

Thank you developers!!! I have been using this app for awhile and I still love it!!! Very easy to use; everything I need!!! So glad you continue to update!!!

Great app but could use more options

It is a very very good app. Best of most I have tested. It is very user friendly and easy to work with. I wish the developer would expand the reporting options, such as include running a report by “category” and “account” in PDF format.....

Thumbs up

I’ve used this app for a long time and it’s great. The only change I wish they would make is instead of just being able to exclude groups from the total, is having the ability to create different sub total groups

Need Another Feature

I’ve been using the Accounts2 app for a couple of months and have been very pleased with it. I’ve used others in the past and ultimately went back to using pencil and paper, the old fashion way. The only thing I would really, really like to see added is a way to annotate each transaction without putting a check mark.

Best App of ones I have tried

This app is the best that I have tried, although it has one glitch that I don’t like. I have it synced b/w my devices, and unless I open both before changing anything, they don’t sync properly, and I have disable the sync function, upload data from one device and download to the other, and then resync. It’s pretty annoying. They should automatically stay synced no matter which device I’m using or whether the other one is open at the time or not. But I have not found a checkbook app that works better yet.

Worst support ever

So the only way to contact this dev is through Facebook. But they don’t respond to that. Good job. Second. I request to add a credit line feature for credit cards that you have to show what is credit available as well as the debt owed. ie: 10,000 credit limit. Debt is 2,000. Credit available is 8,000. Would be a nice feature to have

Lost all data

I was transferring data from my iPad to my iPhone and lost all my data. Is there a way to go back to the day or week before to retrieve my data. I have several years worth of data that I can't get back. Please help!!!!!

Still the best multi person accounts software

Still the finest shared multiple accounts application on any platform!!! We have been using this app for about 7 years now (back when it was just Accounts) and it has never failed to work for my spouse and I to to keep joint track of all our accounts! It is the killer app for joint tracking, reconciliation and working with multiple accounts for busy couples! Please keep up the GREAT work!!!

Best app I use

This is an app that has real purpose and I use it everyday. I love recording my purchases on this app and it’s been great to have since owning an iPhone.

Fantastic with exceptions

This app is great, but it doesn’t update across devices seamlessly. It’s had to keep your data consistent between devices. I have an iPhone and 2 iPads and one iPad will not sync no matter what I try. It’s frustrating when I’m away from my iPad and find that my iPhone isn’t current.

Freezing Again

App is starting to freeze again frequently. Delete temporary documents constantly pops up on the middle of the screen numerous times, and freezes the application for at least 3 seconds every couple of minutes while using. Also, when uploading database into iCloud, app freezes again.

Excellent app. Just one wish...

This app works perfectly for me. I do wish I had the choice of using Google Drive or Drop Box to do backups.

What’s wrong?

What the hell is wrong with your app, all of the sudden it starts freezing up on me? I’m having to close and reopen the app several times to get anything done.

Not what I expected

My wife uses this app so I thought it was going to be a great app. I found it to be almost childish. It looks like something my grandkids would use to learn about keeping track of their allowance.

Decent App, But Needs More Export Features

App works like it’s supposed to, but I wish I could export more than the 1,000 most recent transactions. A feature to export all to an Excel document would be very handy for in depth analysis. Also, the functionality to restore from an Excel document so that I could make corrections to groups of transactions.

Best Digital Checkbook

Using for 5 years and could not be more pleased with app. Does exactly what anyone with a checking account, credit cards... can ask for.

I like it!

The only issue I have is being able to view my account and have my wife view it on her phone. I tried using iSynch but we both have to be on the same Apple ID, which we’re not. I also tried sending the email by email but it keeps saying I have to put in a peer address, even though I already have. Aside from that, I like the simplicity of entering my info and balancing.

Excellent app

I have just started to use this app and I’m very pleased. It’s easy to set up accounts and to enter financial data. I would like to see more options for analyzing the data, such as the ability to show categories of expenses by dates, not just one month at a time.

Great! A request though.

For consumers: this app is great. You can share transactions between you and other people. It is easy to use. You can set up recurring transactions. Developer: Here are some improvements I would like to see: 1) I would like their to be a way for me to share all my data with another person similar to how we had to go from the old Accounts App to Accounts 2. This is particularly handy if your significant other has had a medical crisis, and you aren’t sure where they left off or they get lazy and stop keeping track, or he’ll, even new to the app. 2) I would like a way to post-date payments. So when I pay bills online, generally they are in advance based off when I get paid. That money doesn’t need to come out NOW from my Accounts 3 balance, but the day I have the payment post. It makes it harder to keep up with without that feature. Keep up the good work! I have had and used this app for YEARS.

Accounts 2

Only change I’d make is: have a Total in the Recurring Charges Report. It would alleviate my having to do it in order to determine the amount available. Being on a fixed income is difficult enough as it is. Some charges change and it is bothersome to have to re-figure it each time. Please consider this. It would be very helpful to me.

Pain in the Bum

I can only hit sync once before having to close out the app and restarting to sync another account/transaction.

Great app but...

Started freezing on my iPad 4. Will not sync with my iPhone7+. I see several other functions that your website shows available but it is not on my app-Accounts2. All updates sent have been performed. Also all Apple updates are current. Why did touch on my iPhone go away to sign in? I would like to be able to print a report after reconciliation. Also would like the option to input a decimal point. Maybe I worked to many decades in accounting! Otherwise this is the best app I have found.


After working with this app for a couple months I have found it to be exceptionally useful and easy to use. I have separate folders for five different accounts and keep running balances on all five. I give this app 5 stars/outstanding.

Good but

Great app fits my purposes to keep track of my account balances and automatic payments. However the reports include all deposits as income! I received some refunds for returned items posted it as a deposit and reports adds it to income?!? I want refunds to go into the same account the original bill was in to get an accurate balance. Currently I see total expenditure in one report then go to income report to find total refunds then manually do the math!


My previous review is below but as of today this app is not functioning correctly. It’s not calculating the outstanding transactions !! I couldn’t locate an option to email/notify the developer so hopefully someone sees this review and responds ASAP — I rely on this app and have 3 years of historical data — please fix it! I LOVE this app! I would really like to see it default the last payment amount by Payee to save time & I'd like to see a quick button to download transactions to Excel but other than that, there isn't anything additional I would add-- reliable, simple, app that moved me away from a paper register --- finally!!

Very good app

I have tried this app a few times over the years, along with just about every other checkbook and finance app. I finally settled on this one because it is very easy to use and it is visually simple. I really like being able to send the account info to my email. I then print it out which helps me with my budget. The one improvement I would love is to be able to switch a transaction to another account. If I accidentally enter a transaction into the wrong account I have to delete it and start over in the right account. Otherwise, I really like it.


Please allow transfers to be categorized so the can be included in reports!


Really good app, easy to use and not overkill. Three suggestions for improvement 1) ability to purge transactions before a specified date 2) ability to specify date for showing reconciled transactions and 3) ability to specify how far in advance recurring transactions will show in register, would like ability to determine if I need to make an additional deposit in the near future.

I would LOVE this app if it would sync!

I had this app before the iOS 11 update and loved it. After the update it wouldn’t sync. I have yet to find an app I’m happy with. The description says it syncs now but every time I try the app crashes. Please keep trying and let me know when it works.

Disappointed longtime user

This App has been great for so many years. Only issue I’ve ever had until recently is the app would crash when it would erase data when I was balancing account. Since the first of the year I can’t even use the App for two or three transactions without it locking up. This makes it especially difficult to balance my account. I’ve emailed support but have never received a response. I guess I will look for another option.

Great app - just wish it had 1 addition

Great app, just wished it showed re-occurring transaction 2-4 weeks in advance vs it just popping up on the date it’s scheduled. I have used another app for along time that showed forecasted transaction which are greyed out until the scheduled date but it would tally into balance to help me spread out cost. Unfortunately this app is no longer supported. I guess I can forecast them but I’d rather input the correct dates. Would get 5 stars if this was added.

The best of the breed

I had many check register apps but this one is by the best. It is extremely versatile so that not only your can use it as a check register but also as a accounts receivable and payable ledger. It like having an accounting system on your phone.


This is by far thee best check balance app I’ve used!! I had it when it was first created and it was free. I’ve tried several others that just didn’t work the same. When I searched for this one again it was $2.99 to download, so I had to! It’s worth every penny!!! Thank you to the creators of this app!!

app ok synching is not

Synching barely works and is a hassle-I go between devices and never consistant. Have to shut it off multiple times manually always afraid to loose not really synching you are just restoring from cloud backup 70% of the time. When payong for an app you expect features to work. The app itself is ok and functions, just not synch feature so disappointing.

Won’t stop freezing

I have used and loved this app for years and now it won’t stop freezing. So disappointed!!!! Please fix ASAP, as it is useless now 😭

App keeps shutting down

I’ve been using this app for several years with success but now that I’ve upgraded to iPhone 7 the app keeps shutting down on me. I’ve tried to find where I can contact support about this annoying & frustrating issue but have not found how to do that. I hope the developers read the reviews:(

Needs work

I have not been able to backup via email. Help does NOT help and no support from forum. I would think you should be able to build custom reports. Again, no help. Finally, I think you need a reconciliation. Checking off transactions as they clear just is not adequate. Otherwise it is the best app I have used but it currently is not as good as the pc version of Quicken.

Great checking and budgeting app

I’ve had other apps and this app is the best I’ve seen

Only missing one thing to get 5 stars...

The only thing that would make this app perfect is to remember and autofill the “Amount” field when you enter a “Name” it recognizes using the Amount from the last transaction for that Name...there are a lot of repeat entries that will have the same amounts every time (paychecks, cable bills, cell phone bills, etc.) and having that field auto populate would really be handy. Other than that, a more than adequate replacement for quicken.

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