Accounts 2 Checkbook Recenzje App

Nice app

I like the app, I just wish I’m able to “pay” the recurring bills when I want. Right now it’s set to automatically show on the register the day it’s due. I like to see the bills I pay ahead of time.. if that makes sense.

Great check book app!

I really love this app, much better with more functionality than a competitor’s product I’d used for years. I would love the ability to reorder my entries however I’d like though. To place charges where I want them I now have to post- or pre-date the entry. Thanks for listening to my feedback!

Why do I need to restart regularly?

Good app, syncs reliably, and entire backups can be made quickly. But it regularly says I need to start the app to sync or complete a backup. Once I restart, it backs up, but it's way past annoying and has gone unfixed for at least a year. Please fix. Slightly less annoying are regular requests to delete temporary docs. Doesn’t reliably sync across devices. Half the time I have to restore a backup down to secondary devices at which point it will sync normally across devices for a little while before failing again.


I tried several apps and this one has succeeded where others have failed: flawless synching between devices, easy data input, and nice UI. Thanks. Very pleased.

Good but interface leaves something to be desired

For a paid app, I’d like a little nicer interface. Notably, I’d like there to be icons next to the transaction and accounts to differentiate at a glance. I downloaded this app because I needed one that synced with iCloud as previously used apps would delete data with no way to backup/recover. However, not sure how often sync is being pushed or only when manually selecting sync button. Would also like to choose how often to backup or be able to see that iCloud has been updated in real time. Will update after some time in use.

Would be great if.........

This app would be great if you were able to sync with another user that has their own iCloud account. But the only way that you can share the information is to use the same iCloud account. I purchased this app and additional iCloud storage space and found out that you had to have the same account information.

Good, but needs improvement

Works well, but lacks some key features I loved from my previous app. First I would like a view that shows upcoming payments. It has the recurring payment feature, it would be nice if the next 2 weeks or month of planned scheduled payments would show in the register. Have them show a different color background. Second I would be willing to pay for an independent server that carries the data so that different people can share the app data. I can’t be the only one with a spouse who has their own iCloud account with their own data on it. It can’t be a lot of money though. $20/year is fair.

Absolute Best

Have tried SEVERAL checkbook apps, a couple others are very good, but this one is absolutely the best. Well worth the $$ for the full version.

Love it!!

Been using the app for years without any problems. Data backs up to Dropbox or via email and syncs to my other devices via iCloud without any problems. Would like to see a true dark screen mode available for users in the next upgrade. Five stars!!!

Replacing Quicken

My bank and Quicken are changing how they download transactions until the middle of August so I wanted to find something I could use until then. I tried this and I’m liking it so much I may not go back to Quicken. It doesn’t download the transactions but with having it on my phone I don’t need it to download. I had savings goals set up and I’m able to do that with this too by creating ‘envelopes’ and using the transfer option. My only request is that I can choose a recurring option of every third Wednesday, every fourth Wednesday for our social security deposits and the last day of the month for my pension. I’m hoping the developers consider this.

Sync and categories need help

Right now I’m so frustrated with is app I could scream. I have been using it with success for several months. My tablet crashed last week, and Apple could not restore it. So I have a new tablet. I cannot figure out how to retrieve my accounts data. There is not REAL person to talk to that I can find. I’ve sent a message with NO reply, I’ve search for personal tech support, I’ve read everything I can find in help. I need a real person, even an online chat, help.

Extremely Disappointed

I meticulously entered all of my accounts and recorded every expense for a month. When I tried to sync it with my iCloud, the app crashed and has not worked since. I absolutely loved this app until it stopped working. Now I’m extremely annoyed and have no desire to even try using it again. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!


I just lost all of my history - what is this?

Will not sync

The app will not sync between my iPhone X and my iPad Air 2. Don’t waste your money!

Great App - highly recommended

I use this app every day for checking and home equity line of credit. It just works great. Only one complaint: when I choose the option to show reconciled transactions, it goes all the way back to when I first started using it in 2014 forcing me to scroll through 4 years of data. Please make it show the most recent transaction and I can scroll back if needed. Keep up the great work.

Great App but Bug in Search - XFERs excluded

Great App, as it really helps me to manage a complexity of personal finance. One irritating bug tho. The Search function will not find any keyword or amount in any of the Account Transfers. It will list all XFER items if I put XFER in the search window, but if I search separately for a name (Ie “XFER to Mom” or just “Mom” or check number “102” or the amount of “$75”) then it finds nothing, even though the transaction is there. (I don’t use quotes in the search btw.) A related bug is when I check an XFER as paid in the general checking account register it does not carry over to the XFER account and Vice versa. I have to check it paid in both places. So it appears there is a Boolean disconnect between the search engine and the XFER between accounts function. Otherwise a fantastic App!

Negative split

When I do a split, if an account has a negative amount I can’t put it in as that. I can only enter positive amounts. Such as on a credit card and when I add up all the charges and credits for a sub account and it is negative, I enter it as a negative but is shows as a positive. Why give me a calculator that has +/- if it doesn’t work. Other than that it works great for what I need

Great app!

I love this app! And honestly the only reason I’m not giving it a full 5 stars is because of one feature I wish it had. I wish the the “hide reconciled transactions” button was in the account section. I like to keep them hidden for a cleaner overall view, but sometimes I need to look for something, and I have to go to settings, then back, then back to settings. Not a huge thing, just a convenience thing. Other then that, for all the apps I tried (and there were definitely a lot of them) this has been the best one! I was a former “checkbook app” user, until it no longer worked for the current IOS system.

Great app

I use this app all the time and i love it. I only wish that they allow you to connect to your bank account to keep track of those transactions instead of manually entering them

Love this app!

I'm a bank teller and a stickler for keeping my books straight. I have been using this app for 2 1/2 years and love it! It's easy to use and let's you split transactions (many other checkbook apps don't, which is ridiculous), let's you view and print reports, have multiple accounts and categorie, etc. I recommend this to my bank customers all the time! 😊

Love Accounts 2 App

I love this app, no more paper check register. I love the re-occurring which automatically insert payee and amount of the payment or deposit on the re-occurring date once you set up. App so handy and accounting so accurate when entering each transaction correctly in your Accounts2 check register. I love the fact I can sync with my iPad Pro. I Love, Love, Love this app!!!! I would give it more than 5 stars if they were available! One of the best apps I have purchased.

User friendly

App would be perfect if I could print or download my transactions.

Love it!

This is wonderful app! It’s very simple and easy to use, not complicated.

Good App

I have been using this app for a few months. It seems to work fine the only thing I would like to see improved is a better way to share with another person. If they could use a cloud-based system so that spouses or partners could see the info without having to share it. The problem with the system currently is that there’s no way for each other to see what’s been cleared from the checking.

Change Requested

Please add the ability to move transactions up or down to change order. I’d like to be able to arrange in order they’ve cleared my bank.

Excellent app

I have been using this app for four years, and I have never had an issue!

Could be better

I really like this app for its simplicity to use. I gave it a 4 STAR only because it won’t sync between my iPhone and IPad. If it did I’d gave given it a 5 STAR rating. Other wise this is a great app

Good but could be better.

This app is Good, but I’ve been using a great app that Apple’s update caused it not to work because there are no updates for the app. Thanks’s Apple. This App would be better if: The Date selectors included the Day. Separate Account Categories i.e. Checking, Savings, Credit, Loans Etc.


Looking for something to unchain me from laptop bound Quicken, this does not hold the key. Sure it’s quick and easy to enter transactions but just try reconciling to your bank account! There is no sorting by amount or Payee. Sure you can search but how does that help with reconciling? You can click the “cleared” button for each transaction but just as easily unclick that button later intentionally or not. In other words there is no way to mark a set of transactions as cleared, done and out of the way. Simply marking an item as cleared because it appears on your bank statement does NOT reconcile this set of data to the banks data. FRUSTRATION! I have to find something better than this.

Loved until recently...

I have used this app for some time, and have been very happy until recently. The past few months I am unable to export reports for printing. In the past I have always exported and printed a copy for my records. When I choose to export now, I enter all the necessary items (type of file, dates, email address) but when I hit “export” the “send” key on the email is grayed out so I cannot send. I have had difficulty finding a method of contacting app support to pose questions about this difficulty. Please help...

Backup doesn’t work

Backed up my checkbook just now to iCloud because I had to get a new phone. Got my new phone and downloaded the database from the cloud and it was a backup from over a year ago. I’ve been using this app for years with no issue and now I’ve lost everything. If it doesn’t backup to iCloud like it claims, where does it go??

Freezes A LOT on iPhone X

This app worked perfectly on my 7 plus but once I converted to an iPhone X and it did some update it is ALWAYS freezing now. I used it a lot but can’t stand the freezing, they have to fix that for a better review from me

Most useful app I’ve ever used.

I use this daily and I always know my account balances to the penny. I don’t have connectivity to any systems or apps through this, but it is my phone based check register and it does every thing I need. If you ever spent hours reconciling a checking account balance, those days should be long gone. I log everything I spend with cards (or checks which I don’t use) here and then just check them off when they clear. If I forget something, it shows up at the bank and I just add it. Honestly, even without system (bank) integration, this is the most useful app I’ve ever owned.

Downloading from iCloud crashes the app

Downloading data from iCloud on my secondary device crashes the app EVERY time! I have restarted my device and removed and downloaded the app, but the same thing keeps happening.

Nice app but no support

The app does all that I want it to but I cannot get it to sync properly between iPad and iPhone. Click app support in App Store and you are sent to website of FAQ. If need more help you are sent to their Facebook page. Tried that and months go by and still no reply. So it is a good app, but if you have a problem good luck. Maybe they may respond to you, but I can’t get any help from them.

Good, but no bill tracking functionality???

The app works well at its most basic function; tracking one time and recurring transactions. However, i don't like that there is no bill tracking functionality. Similar apps in the past gave me the ability to set reminders and track my bills that were paid manually. I think this is a major over site for this particular app and i would like to see it added for a 5 star rating

Account won’t sync with other devices

The layout and user friendly setup is great. On the other hand I have tried and tried and tried to sync the account to my wife’s phone via iCloud and it isn’t working. We both have iPhone X with latest software. We’ve restarted our devices several times. Software says data has been downloaded successfully but data doesn’t transfer from device to device. Not happy that I paid for this

Good checkbook ledger app

I've been using this app for a while but for the past few months the "Total Outstanding Balance" has been inaccurate and does not reflect what my outstanding balance really is...forcing me to have to maintain my checking account information in a separate spreadsheet. If this minor bug could be fixed I would give the app 5 stars; unfortunately the only way to contact the developers is through Facebook (which I'm not going to create an account for just to send a bug).


Most useful app I have. Great for bill payment planning for those of us on a fixed income.

IPhone X

It would be nice when I hide my reconciliation entries that the balances would not reflect the overall balance.

MacBook Crashed Going iPad only

My MacBook crashed and with it went my Quicken. I have been thinking about going to an iPad Pro as my main computer and an iPhone. My biggest concern was finding a finance app I could use for my small business to replace Quicken. I wanted something simple. I went to the App Store and loaded several of the finance apps. This one was by far the easiest and most intuitive to set up and start entering transactions. These guys have nailed the simple yet powerful mix that I love and the reason why people want iPads and iPhones and not computers. Job well done! Please keep it simple and productive!

Best App to Control expenses

Fourth someone who has never been able to balance the checkbook, this is the best app out there to keep control of expenses and save money!

Great, a suggestion...

This is the most useful app to keep track of your personal -or small business- finances. I would love to see one improvement: I think it would be very useful if the "outstanding transactions" showed outstanding credits and outstanding debits separated instead of the net total.

Most used app on my phone

It’s so easy to track my income and expenses with this app and reconcile my checkbook. I also use it for budgeting purposes since I can easily see what expenses I have coming up. I’ve tried other variations of apps but have used this one for several years now. It’s awesome!

Good budgeting tool

This is the first time I have used this app even though i downloaded months ago. I find it is easy to enter receipts and track budget.

Great checking book app

Great app, easy to use and learn. Let’s you keep track of expenses. One suggestion is I wish they would add the option to customize the categories or be able to add your own category.

Love it!!

I really like this app. I’ve been using it for almost two years and it’s all I need to keep my bank accounts straight. And it’s easy to look something up if I need to look back. The only change I would like to see is that I have two different checking accounts. It automatically puts in the check number but doesn’t keep it to the account I’m in, so it’s often the next number of the other checking account and I have to manually fix it. Overall-highly recommend.

Great Program

I Love this program, but it is missing a feature which I desperately need! I have accounts 2. I have been using it for a few months now, and it is the best replacement for my Quicken I have found. I refuse to pay a monthly fee for Quicken, and do not like the way it is set up, and not wanting to go online with my finances either, so your program is a life saver. However....... I can’t use the reoccurring feature, which makes a lot of hard work for me each month. The reason I can’t use it is because there is no feature which allows me to tell it to enter transactions “now” so I can then see the entire month in my register on the 1st of every month. Having all reoccurring transactions in the register shows me my balance all during the month, and helps me know how much extra we have after monthly obligations are met, and allow me to make adjustments in how much I pay each month on each account. Quicken has this feature. As of now, I am entering all 29 reoccurring transactions by hand on the first of each month 🙄😅 and it is driving me crazy 😜. To make matters worse, I am doing it on my iPad. Can you see this as a feature you would perhaps add in the near future?

Great App

can we please get split screen capabilities for the iPad version. It would be great to open our account in safari and Accounts2 side by side to really balance everything. Other than that it's an awesome app!

Accounts 2 Checkbook

Thank you developers!!! I have been using this app for awhile and I still love it!!! Very easy to use; everything I need!!! So glad you continue to update!!!

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