Accounts 2 Checkbook App Reviews

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Good app

Its a good app but I would like to see you add a feature where you could look into the future with your recurring charges to see where you are financially.

Wouldnt go without it!

I use this app every day. I can use it to set up numerous amounts of accounts under one Main account. It really keeps me on track and lets me see at a glance exactly where I am in my budget. Highly recommended.../

Great App - New Features Needed

Using app for a few years now. Does what I need it to do. Can use some new features: Touch ID, ability to create reports with custom time range and custom categories. Syncing between also needs to be better. Not sure if it uses iCloud? If not, it should. Dont like having to upload and download every time I want my devices to sync. I like the app. But these additions would make it perfect.


The app lumps multiple accounts together when generating reports. That defeats my purpose for buying it. Am I missing the obvious?

Still having Sync issues

Much improved, but syncing across ios devices is still unpredictable. Update Dec 3rd 2017 - Still having hit and miss sync issues between iPhone/iPad.

Pretty good app!

Thank you for making an app that acts like many people think. Overall I love this app and will continue to use it. I gave it five stars because it does almost everything I want. I was a quicken user for many years and of course, would like the same level of control. Im sure you are continuing to plan for upgrades and improvements. So, may I offer my suggestions? (I cannot find anywhere to communicate with your besides this forum.) I have searched for apps that split transactions and yours is the only one that does it well. There could be some improvement on this with additional detail available but I can live with it. One improvement I would love to see is that transactions with the same date enter as deposits first, then deducts. There is no way for the user to reorder transactions. The other improvement I would appreciate is to be able to click on a transaction from the reports section and be taken to that transaction to edit it as needed. One other suggestion is that a transaction be movable between accounts. I have entered a detailed transaction in the wrong account and my only choice is to delete it and re-enter it in the correct account. Thank you for considering these.

Love this app-feature requests

This is a great app and there are a few features I would like to see! 1. The ability to zoom in on receipts. Also ability to export receipts to camera roll. Large receipts require a wide angle which then makes receipt unreadable! Need the ability to zoom in on receipt so individual items.,totals etc can be read! The receipt is pretty useless otherwise. 2. Would love to see some kind of real sync.,not iCloud but over wifi or Bluetooth for sharing with my partners device. iCloud syncing does us no good as we obviously have two different iCloud accounts and email option is ok but would really like to be able to setup a sync that just sends new transactions to an approved device for entry. 3. Would like the ability to set up a rule for recurring transactions such as "occurs on the 1st of the month unless the first is a weekend or holiday." 4. Would be really great to have the option to connect directly to my bank so it can reconcile transactions as they occur in my account. As in.,once a transaction is entered into he app it can check it off once its cleared my bank and could also add (something like pending for my approval) transactions to app that show up in bank account. 5. Ability to set up budgets

Phone register

Its convenient! Always with me. Easy to use, easy to reconcile.

Will not sync

This will no longer sync between my iPads. This is Dec., I uploaded & syncd, it erased all current data, now entries end at April, 2016. This used to be a 5 star app, syncing was flawless, now its useless. Will look for another app.

Great Checkbook app... but!

Accounts 2 deserves all the accolades it has received but it needs the option of creating reports with custom dates and custom categories. Then it would get my 5th star. I look forward to that upgrade!

Easy to use.

Ive used this app for years and absolutely love it.

Good but sync problems

I do like this app. However since beginning to use it about seven months ago, it continues to give me syncing problems. Syncing between two iPhones and the iPad have been problematic. At one point about three months ago I lost all my data on all my devices. And then I had to input all my data again. Frustrating! Fortunately I send myself reports monthly so I could reconstruct everything. But I use an app like this to save myself some time, and it only wasted my time. Please work on a fix to the syncing problems. Otherwise I may begin to look for a new app.

Just right

I searched for a replacement for my desktop check ledger that Ive used and liked (for the most part for over 10 years, talk about withdrawals.) Thanks to others for their honest and helpful reviews. I downloaded and tried three. Although others had some nice features but did not sync with other devices which was a deal breaker. After hours of painfully reading reviews, someone recommended Account 2 for that reason (sync with other devices.) Following a short learning period everything is just right! Not fancy and not a lot of bells and whistles but very functional and just right (price is just right too) highly recommend.

Quality App

This app is far better that the last one I was using. It does all described in its description. Very pleased with its performance and recommend it to anyone.

5 Stars!! A+++

As usual..... This app rocks! I have been using it for years and its always been reliable and safe. Needs a new icon and apple watch support. Then it would be perfect. Need an electronic checkbook? Look no further!

Love but syncing doesnt work as intended

Love it! However the syncing doesnt work as they explain. Doesnt upload on my iPad like they say its supposed.

Eight years and strong

I have been using this app since 2008 and love it. I wish customer service was better, but the app itself is great. Had to figure out for myself how to get one of the features to work when it suddenly no longer functioned the same because CS was worthless. Only feature I wish it would do that has not happened since I first downloaded it is edit what account a transaction is listed under. If you accidentally add a transaction under the wrong account, instead of doing a quick update you must delete it and re-enter it under the new account.

Great check ledger

I have tried many check ledger apps but this is the best of all. Works perfectly and syncs with my iPad and iPhone easily. Only wish there was a iMac addition to sync to the computer.

Very Smooth Set-up and Daily Entries

(I’m not associated w/ developer) (Review updated after 5 months using this app). I switched to Accounts2 from an older, 2012 app that was no longer supported. (I hung on for a long time, but the older app finally crashed my phone). I am pleasantly surprised with Accounts2: the initial entering of accounts was smooth, corrections are simple, and my accounts are in order. The transition was easy, and I am able to keep up to the moment tabs on my spending. I do manual entry on everything I spend, so I can tell if I am close on a credit card or my bank account, but the app stores my "normal" entries so I just type a few letters, and it gives my a list of possibilities. I dont think it will link to my accounts like Mint, but I dont want it to, because I do most of my shopping on 2 or 3 days between paychecks, and any lag will have me spending more than I have (or at least more than I meant to spend.. I suspect that I will continue to use Accounts2 for a long time (as long as the developer supports it), because it is so easy to use day-to-day, so I don’t spend money I don’t really have. Nice Work!

Best checkbook app

Well I have tried most and this is by far the best most updated checkbook app for those that still use a check book. I personally dont want it in same app as ccs. Really like the iCloud sync so my phone and iPad are always up to date.

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