Accounts 2 Checkbook App Reviews

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Very nice

Easy and efficient for controlling your money life

Checking programs

How do you import a bank statement, are you considering this for the Mac ?it would be nice on all my apple products

Quality App

This app is far better that the last one I was using. It does all described in its description. Very pleased with its performance and recommend it to anyone.

Loved the APP until a few weeks ago and your support is horrible

I have emailed your support 3 times in the last couple of weeks...the hide reconciled trans feature stopped working. There are times that I need to go back and see an old transaction. When you turn it off and go back to an account to look, it automatically turns it on. VERY frustrating. Please fix this so I do not have to find another app to use!!!!


This is one of my most used apps. Search function sometimes returns 0 results. No update in over a year. Hope you havent abandoned this app.

Love It!

Ive used this app for a few years and absolutely love it. It is easy to use and allows for multiple accounts. When Im out and about it is a great way to track spending. I gave up the checkbook register and use this exclusively. Ive installed on my 13 year old daughters phone to teach her money management for her banking account and gift card tracking. Never to young to develop good money management skills!

Sync Issue

Good app if you are only operating a single device. I have had multiple issues with the sync feature. I have followed the guidance from the developers web site, but still my wifes phone does not sync most of my entries. Im shopping tonight for a new app.

ICloud backup does not work properly.

I love using this app but I have 3 problems with it. First, you cant manually sort entries in the accounts. Second, and more important, iCloud sync does not work properly. I recently had to reset my iPhone. I decided to do "set up as new phone". When I restored Accounts2 from the iCloud backup about 10% of my entries were missing. I tried again to restore my account information and all but 2 entries were wiped. The third is a minor one. It takes to many steps to back up to Dropbox and the crossing back and forth across the screen to perform a backup is irritating. All in all the best app I have found for keeping my finances in order.

Great but would love to see

Ive used this for the past 3 years. I want love to the ability to input credit limits to my credit cards. I would also like to schedule payments too

Daily user

Excellent app. Excellent features. I tell everyone about this app. Only thing I wish it had was multi users for couples with joint accounts.


Id be lost without this app

Excellent app

Im happy to use this app. One thing that I dont like is the fact that when you input an expense you have to always select a payee otherwise it wont let you advance any further. Having said that this is actually a good app no crashes whatsoever. Worth paying.

Great but...

Would love to be able to allow another user to see the checkbook at same time just like the grocery list app.

Great app but serious issue with one thing!

This app works great, very easy to use but you have to consider the desire to "look ahead". Recurring (future at least 30 days in advance) transactions must be able to be viewed in the register section of the app. I know theres some work around from what Ive read but this defeats the purpose of making an app easy to use.

Great App

I have looked at a lot of them both free and paid, this one is the easiest to use. The only thing missing is a companion Mac App. You can do it guys!!! After the latest IOS updates it will no longer sync two devices.

No new icons

I was disappointed that I had to buy this app again when I had already purchased the original one. Customer service never replied to my email and now I see they didnt even add new icons. For my use there really was no reason to buy this again other than I was forced to as the other app recently started to malfunction and I got an alert from Apple saying developer needed to update app which of course they just abandoned it and created Accounts 2 to make you buy it again.

Great app

App is really great.Please add touch ID

Works for me

Great program that has really improved my record keeping and the reports help my budget planning. Would be 5 stars but I frequently have sync issues between my phone and iPad. I sync it to the cloud and have two different values between the devices.

My "most used" app...

I have been using this app for at least 2 or 3 years. I wanted an app that was completely separate from my online accounts with my financial institutions. I use Accounts2 to reconcile against my bank. It works brilliantly. I can add credits and debits with the absolute minimum number of clicks. I have reduced the number of categories to just the ones I want to track: food, fun, utilities, auto, etc. Reporting lets me see exactly how much I am spending. The ability to "hide" reconciled transactions helps me keep things "neat and clean." If you need a checkbook register to keep track of your spending with a debit card then this is the app for you.

Doesnt export data like it says it will

I like the app but I have been unable to export data for 6 months now. The app just doesnt respond to the button push to export. Ive written two emails to app cs and Ive gotten no response. I recently had to return my phone to factory settings and lost all my data for the last 6 months because Ive been unable to export. Not happy.

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